50 Lessons to Pronounce English

Lesson 5. (ʒ) / (dʒ)

Initial Remarks: The sound () is very common in English, contrary to the sound (ʒ), which is actually quite rare.

The sound () may be spelled two ways:

  1. with the letter J, as in jewel and injury
  1. with the letter G when it is followed by E, I, or Y, as in generation, region, and biology

The sound (ʒ) is usually spelled with the letter S, as in vision, Asia, and pleasure.

Please Note! When the letter G is followed by the letter I, it will not always create the sound ().  Exceptions include such common words as girl and give.


()                                                                                          (ʒ)


Los Angeles jewel Asia usually
Geneva jail Malaysia unusual
Jerusalem jackpot Indonesia regime
generation justify Beijing leisure
courage emergency decision measure
fridge suggestion illusion pleasure
judge change television treasure


Read Aloud Exercises



manager, adjective, change, ideology, region, vision, usually, pleasure, measure, treasure


Nominal Groups

an unusual decision, a pair of jeans, refugees from Egypt, illusions and disillusions, an original jewel


Short Sentences

Welcome to Los Angeles, the city of angels! Those jewels were stolen in Geneva.

An unusual decision was taken in Beijing.

Asian refugees were interviewed on television.

Leisure and pleasure: what treasures!



Angie: A new treasure was found last week in Beijing.

Nathan: Yes, I’ve heard of it, a very unusual jewel: Asia’s largest.

Angie: It must be a real pleasure to look at, just imagine!

Nathan: I saw it on television, but that’s never the same as seeing it in    person.

Angie: I'd love to see Asia's treasures in person. Do you have any       suggestions?

Nathan: Well, I’ve been to China, Indonesia, and Malaysia on business.

Angie: Yes, but that’s not the same as a trip for leisure.

Nathan: If I won the jackpot, I’d take you with me – on a private jet!

Angie: Winning the jackpot is the only way I could justify the luxury.

Nathan: Until then, “luxury” to me means a full fridge!






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